URBEX 2 develops tools for urban exploration with youth to struggle against indicators of exclusion in marginalised areas. The neighbourhood is both a learning space and the field of work for an educational guide for teachers, educators and other agents for social change. URBEX is an international network of organisations working with youth around educational strategies linked with different models of urban exploration. 

URBEX 2 is an Erasmus+ funded project coordinated by Tesserae (Germany). ZEMOS98 is a partner of the project together with Bond of Union (Italy), 4Change (Portugal), and Nomad Ways (France). It is the continuation of URBEX, a 2018-2019 project which received a special mention as a good practice. 


URBEX 2 involves the production of the following activities: a non-formal innovative educational model based on the development of participatory methodologies gathered in a handbook; an urban exploration kit for youngsters to discover their neighbourhoods in a different way; the production of a series of local labs with youth; and a digital platform for the community of organisations working around these topics from different corners of Europe which will work as a learning tool for them. 


By participating in this project, we support a process of adding value to the active participation of youngsters with a series of non-formal educational activities taking place in their day-to-day spaces. URBEX is aligned with one of our main goals as an organisation: the development and application of tools supporting active and engaged citizenship starting in the closest surroundings we inhabit.


2022 - 2023






Active, Learning processes

Expanded education, Participation