In ZEMOS98 we work in the intersections of cultural processes —— We mediate for social transformation —— We encourage participation —— We advocate for critical civic engagement with dominant narratives

We provide services of mediation, cultural production and learning processes



Municipal Recipes 2

Pedagogy of Care

We share regular updates about our current processes and projects in our blog

Critical culture, Hackcamp, New narratives

Decolonizing the Newsroom is an encounter taking place in Espacio Conciencia Afro (Madrid) from the 5th to the 8th of July, 2022. There will be a hac...

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Communities, Critical culture, Mediation, The Commons

Here you can download the Open Paper about Cultural Mediation. This Open Paper aims to broaden the notion of what is known as “cultural mediation”...

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Critical culture, Mediation, Social innovation

Here you can download this Open Paper about Radical Funding. This Open Paper aims to reflect on the relationship between philanthropic organisations (...

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