We co-organize ‘Europe Talks Spain’ with Conciencia Afro

‘Europe Talks Spain: Conversations on Participation, Youth, and Inequality in the European Elections’ aims to open a dialogue space on how the participation of young people in Europe in public policy formulation is crucial for promoting inclusive and representative governance, particularly in addressing issues of ethnic-racial diversity. With two debate panels and conversations through innovative formats, we will be shaping critical thoughts on these topics. Produced by Conciencia Afro in collaboration with ZEMOS98.

When and where

📍Sala Valle Inclán – Círculo de Bellas Artes (C. de Alcalá, 42, Centro, 28014 Madrid)

🕒  From 18:30h to 21:45h

📅 4th of June – 2024 


  • 18:00h. Registration.
  • 18:30h. Welcome. 
  • 18:45h. The Dissasembly – Round 1. “How inequalities affect youth participation in Europe”. Moderated by Amal Hussein; With Margarita Guerrero (National Youth Institute director), Fátima Ezzamouri and ‘Sindicato de Inquilinas’ (Tenants Union).
  • 19:45h. Break.
  • 20:00h.The Dissasembly – Round 2. “Youth in the agenda of European parties Moderated by Moha Gerehou. With Tesh Sidi, representative of SUMAR in Congress, Cristian Castrillón, candidate of Volt España for the European elections and Víctor Valdés, spokesperson for Podemos Youth in Madrid.
  • 21:00h. Closing

If you wanna join, you have to register online using this short form.

What is Europe Talks?

Europe Talks 2024 is a project coordinated by ECF, Good Conversations and Gazeta Wyborzca, which promotes participation and strengthens voter turnout in the 2024 EU Parliament elections. Over the course of the program, European citizens will answer a series of questions relating to specific political themes that are relevant to the elections, such as the relevance of EU institutions, citizenship rights and integration, climate change, education, and more.

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