We develop mediation processes that activate relationships between activists, artists, academics, foundations and public institutions. Our objective is to value political and cultural processes for social change. We work towards a culture of participation that fosters a critical citizenry with mainstream narratives. We are a cooperative and we have been dedicated to cultural production and social research for more than twenty years.


We work out of Seville, Spain on local, national and international levels. You can reach us at our office at Calle Palma del Río, number 20; by phone at +34 954 227 493; and at info@zemos98.org.


You can also subscribe to our newsletter by sending a blank email to hola@zemos98.org.


Sofía Coca Gamito

She coordinates the knowledge management and the community relations in ZEMOS98. She is involved in different national and international projects. She is interested in the transformative potential of feminism. She is on mute starting at 22:00h. You can reach her in twitter at @preescolar.

Felipe G. Gil

He coordinates the fundraising area and different international projects. He is interested in exploring the ways in which new digital narratives are shaping the world as we know it today. He likes tennis. He writes for eldiario.es and his twitter account is @abrelatas.

Pedro Jiménez Álvarez

He is in charge of the overall management, and he coordinates different projects. He is interested in participatory processes for education and local politics in the field of culture. He bends his head while thinking. VJ in Los Voluble, @pedrojimenez at twitter.

Lucas Tello Pérez

He coordinates the communications area and several international projects. He is interested in how mainstream media outlets help shaping social imageries, and how to open them to more inclusive representations. He loves odd films. His twitter account is @lucas_tello.

Rosalía Gutiérrez Hernández

She coordinates the administration area of the organisation. She manages supplies, invoicing and accounting. She believes in a social economy that is transformative and cares for everyone, and her mission is to make it as accessible as possible.

Mar Dols Merle

Coordination support of diverse national and international projects. She is interested in mediation processes in which artistic practice serves as an educational tool to trigger wishes, learnings, or tensions. She also is… Well, a music lover.