Social and Cultural Innovation Labs


Social and Cultural Innovation Labs (SCIL) develops a series of educational interventions to explore creativity for active citizenship in secondary education students across different countries of Europe. SCIL develops a participatory educational programme around creative and artistic practices for students with the goal of fostering a cross-sectoral community. This community is formed by pupils, teachers, media creators, and cultural actors. In order to do that, SCIL develops a curriculum framework for effective integration of cultural actors, besides providing teachers with tools to work on digital arts.

SCIL is an Erasmus+ project. It is coordinated by Innovation in Learning Institute, de Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen Nürnberg (FAU). ZEMOS98 is a partner together with Stimmuli (Greece), Open University Subotica (Serbia) y Cinesthesia (Greece).


SCIL develops tools and artistic and digital methodologies for secondary students in collaboration with cultural actors. Having this goal in mind, the following contents will be developed: an educational curriculum to explore digital arts and other campaigning tools; training for teachers developing competencies and methodologies integration of new artistic practices within high school; an Audiovisual Hub with videotutorials, materials and working methodologies; a digital platform to establish a dialogue between actors of the extended community of SCIL. ZEMOS98 coordinated the Audiovisual Hub.


SCIL is aligned with the main themes we have been working in other projects such as Planea or NEMESIS, while offering a possibility of internationalizing some of the educational activities that this organisation has been producing in the national context in the last few years. Artistic and media education is a priority for ZEMOS98 since its very origins, having developed many activities for different communities, organisations and institutions along the years.


2021 - 2023






Active, Learning processes

Expanded education, New narratives