European Commons Assembly

The European Commons Assembly is a pan-European network formed by more than 150 commoners. It was born in 2016 meeting the need of finding bonds between local practices on a transnational level; meeting the need of finding political, social and cultural alternatives to neoliberal despoilment; trying to fund a new sensibility around how to manage the essential resources for life in Europe.

The European Commons Assembly was presented in an event organized in Brussels between 15-17 November, 2016. Activities were produced throughout the capital, from the self-managed space Zinneke to the European Parliament. During those days, a group of more than 100 agents – including academics, policy-makers, commoners or journalists- reflected about the possibilities of a transnational network of mutual support between practices and about how to create a common narrative out of diverse projects which tries to make the solid foundations of the system tremble.

ZEMOS98 was there producing the audiovisual documentation of the event. The video at the top of this post is a summary of what happened there; besides, you can check everything we produced down below.


You can join or receive updates about the European Commons Assembly at its web.

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