Workshop on Audiovisual Micronarratives


The workshop “Audiovisual micronarratives”, half in-person and half online, organised with the programme Espacio-Red De Prácticas y Culturas Digitales at the International University of Andalucía (UNIA) served to help with understanding and practicing forms of digital and contemporary communication, specifically memes, Vines and animated GIFs.


The workshop consisted of an in-person portion and an online portion. The materials of the workshop were made available for anyone to use:

Block 1: Audiovisual Narrative

Block 2: Meme Universe

Block 3: Animated GIF Universe

Block 4: Vine Universe


Audiovisual narrative moves further and further away from formats established by classic media as it embraces the characteristics of the web: speed, ubiquity and remixing. It is not only an art or a cultural practice; it is becoming a tool of daily communication. In digital media we have moved on from chatting with emoticons to using animated GIFs. We are able to extract a huge amount of meaning out of only a few seconds of video. We use loops to challenge the linearity of pre-established audiovisual discourses. And the Youtube generation has paved the way for a generation characterised by other, shorter formats such as Vine and Instagram Stories. In this theoretical-practical workshop we looked at and practiced some of the tools and experiments that make up the already commonly accepted culture of remixing.








Learning processes

Expanded education, New narratives