PLANEA, a network of arts and schools


PLANEA is a network of arts and schools conformed by primary and secondary schools aiming to place value on artistic practices as a tool for change and improvement of public schools. The network is funded by Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation and it develops its activities in three Spanish regions: Valencia – with the mediation of Permea -, Madrid – with Pedagogías Invisibles-, and Andalucía – with us -. The network is developed in a 5 year period and it grows organically during these years.

Planea highlights models of art developed by citizenship in difficult moments for society, especially in the post-COVID-19 school. Basing our values on critical thinking, care and experimentation, Planea aims to prove that these practices are tools to improve both schools and society.


The network is organised around territorial hubs: Andalucía, Comunitat Valenciana, and Comunidad de Madrid; and it is formed by public schools, actors, and cultural institutions. Planea is supported by different governmental education areas in the regions where it develops its activities. This network runs in parallel of PÉGASE, an experimental programme for arts in school.

Planea is embedded in an ecosystem of already existing practices and it supports training programs both for teachers and schools and for general audiences, producing a resource space with different tools and free licensed projects. It also produces evaluation materials and learning compilations, in order to multiply efforts and community knowledge around schools and arts.


ZEMOS98 has always been involved in educational processes: from expanded education until NEMESIS, we have run many projects considering education a playground to explore. Planea is born out of the shared desires of the Foundation and the mediation hubs to bring certain learnings and experiences to a new scale. As an example, the Arte y Escuela encounter and its publication.

This network, born in September 2019, is one of our main projects, involving many team efforts.










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