Copylove is a firsthand research project that studies the types of connections and relationships that are established in a community of agents whose practices and ways of working create commons for the whole community. Copylove is a way for us to delve into things that we believe produce desirable conditions of existence: affection, processes of interdependence, mutual aid, community love, care. We want Copylove to give voice to everything that we produce and reproduce that can bring us closer to “the good life”, to a life that is more than just economically sustainable.


Copylove began locally as an informal research network for the commons and feminist practices. That local community built the framework for an open and public research project: “The Ontology of Copylove”, a conceptual map that functioned as our playing field. The project was co-led by Sofía Coca (from ZEMOS98, Seville), Txelu Balboa (from ColaBoraBora, Bilbao) and Rubén Martínez. Copylove highlights the value of joint research spaces that are not logocentrically focused on the aforementioned Residencies (held in Seville, at the UNIA Summer Conferences and at Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid). These residencies have been the best way to compare and launch work hypotheses, and most importantly, to gather qualitative data with communities from different territories throughout Spain.


Copylove was the central theme of the fourteenth and fifteenth years of the ZEMOS98 Festival. It was also the research project that later gave rise to the Pedagogy of Care, where we use what we have learned in order to introduce care as a determinant factor in social movements on an international level, specifically in Europe.

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