Agualandia is a methodological process that we have designed and implemented for secondary education institutions in Andalusia. It is a part of the campaign Stop Privatizando la Vida (Stop Privatising Life), by the Fundación para la Cooperación APY – Solidaridad en Acción (Foundation for APY Cooperation – Solidarity in Action). Through a process carried out over two school days, the participating student body puts itself in the shoes of different social actors involved in the management of water resources. During the first day, they have to use recycled materials to construct a miniature model of a world where water is the principal element. On the second day, starting with a role playing game and four rounds of negotiations, one of the groups must take control of the water resources.

All of this leads to a shared reflection on the relationship between what has unfolded in the fictional game and what happens in real life. Agualandia ends with everyone returning to their institutions, where the headline documentary in shown, summarising all of the experiences of the five participating secondary education institutions. We also develop an exhibition device that will remain in the centre to work on the project with the rest of the student body.

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