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La Aventura de Aprender’s guide on how to throw a festival


¿Cómo se hace un festival? is an educational guide developed by ZEMOS98 to teach the basic tools necessary for producing a seasonal event, such as a festival. In it we include what we have learned from the ZEMOS98 Festival during its seventeen years as an open space for weaving together relationships with people interested in the topics of each year.


¿Cómo se hace un festival? was developed for La Aventura de Aprender’s series of guides which teach ways of carrying out collaborative projects that connect classroom activity with everything that occurs off school grounds. With these guides, you can learn to hold an assembly, carefully document a process, design a Jane Jacobs walk, create a collective map and also organise a festival.


But what kind of ‘festival’ are we talking about? This model of cultural consumption has been turned into an important industry in the last few decades, but our practical guide suggests taking a step back and understanding the most basic and sustainable idea of what a festival is—a chance to have dialogue and form part of a cultural ecosystem that cares and is cared for. If you are interested in developing a cultural event that bears in mind its supporting ecosystem, this guide may be of interest to you.

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