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Macarena Remedia was a place to share space with the neighbourhood of Macarena in Seville and reflect critically on media, information technologies and living memory. Globalisation and hyperconnectivity sometimes make us forget about what surrounds us in our daily lives. Our city, our neighbourhood pass by us, obscured by all the information that we get from other places. Local memory and culture are being forgotten, generation after generation. The media, having forgotten about the public service that they should offer, do not help to report what happens locally. The media has forgotten its public service and does not respond to the needs of a population that thirsts more and more for real information. Macarena Remedia emerges out of the recognition of this need. It is a space for learning, reflection and action associated with communication technologies and the recovery of the neighbourhood’s living memory. Located in Seville’s Macarena neighbourhood, we want to highlight the power of citizens to tell their own story as an exercise in freedom of expression—which everyone should have, journalist or not—as well as in the collective potential of the neighbourhood to keep its memory alive.


By using different tools and formats, such as workshops, open activities and interventions, Macarena Remedia has worked with neighbours on education in the media, civic journalism, and memory and history of the local area. A melting pot of citizen initiatives that weave networks in the neighbourhood, that form the neighbourhood and recover the memory and identity that live in our streets.

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Macarena Remedia website

Macarena Remedia: the Guide

Tecnologías del encuentro (Interactive report)

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Selfies Macarena Cuando la plaza está en el móvil. Article: Gema Valencia

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