Resident Institution at the UC3M Master Degree on Culture Management


The University Carlos III, Madrid imparts a Master Degree on Culture Management. It explores several sectors and their professional premises throughout an academic course. From “Legal Framework” to “Heritage” or “Visual Arts”, but also “Digital Culture”, “Music” or “Cultural Mediation”. During 2020/2021, ZEMOS98 has been Resident Institution for the Master Degree, producing lectures and workshops in different units, sharing learnings and challenges that the organisation has faced in its two decades of existence. 

The Master Degree was, for the first time, completely virtual due to the pandemic restrictions. Because of that, we explored innovative virtual methods and pedagogical tools that responded to the needs of the students and fostered a setting for trust and collective learning.


ZEMOS98 gave sessions using its own experience as an organisation in the following units: “Legal Framework. Law and culture management”, where we go through the different legal entities the organisation has had and its advantages and disadvantages, among other challenges; “Cultural and Creative Industries”, where we explore social and economic profit of some of our projects in the last few years; “Design and Editing”, where we analysed some of the features of a good visual identity for projects; “Diffusion”, where we explore the communications strategy of the organisation; “Education”, were we develop mediation processes for different communities together with the students; and “Performing Arts”, where we talk about performative lectures and Audiovisual Source Codes. 


In the context of endemic economic and social precariousness for the sector, the members of ZEMOS98 have had to learn most of the features of the cultural profession through trial and error. It is a commonplace for cultural workers. Many times, experimentation has been considered an important part of transformative practices: it has helped us to explore other ways of doing without being a burden; some other times, especially during economic crises, that way of working produced serious difficulties. Ordering those learnings helped us see all those milestones we had to achieve in the past and systematize learnings and open them up for the students to facilitate the way for them. 






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