FundAction is a participatory funding community whose objective is to enable activists working for social transformation in different spaces in Europe to develop their working processes and abilities. It relies on an online platform where a community of activists from different disciplines can share useful resources, tactics and knowledge for their work in the field, in addition to deciding collectively which projects, activities and processes get funded. We form a part of FundAction’s facilitation group, which is responsible for helping the platform to function as an organic participatory space.


An online platform based on Decidim code is FundAction’s principle tool. It is designed to open a dialogue on three types of processes: exchange of knowledge, grants and decisions on the community’s own operations. Knowledge is exchanged with the conviction that FundAction is a space oriented to enable intersectional learning among activists in different work spheres. There are three kinds of grants: 1. Rethink, to finance mutual learning processes among members of the platform; 2. Renew, to finance lines of action that get right to the root of problems by addressing systemic changes; and 3. Resist, to finance small and urgent actions in the field of grassroots activism. FundAction’s annual assembly is the other space dedicated to developing the community and to discussing how it works. It happens annually and brings together about 50 activists who also take part in the platform. The platform is financed by a consortium of foundations that include the European Cultural Foundation, Guerrilla Foundation, Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation, Open Society Initiatives for Europe and Un monde pour tous.


FundAction is an important tool for the development of activist communities working for social transformation on the translocal level. We have faith in the networks of solidarity that result from the exchanges on the platform and in working interdisciplinarily to address through participation the root of the problems that we experience as a society.

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