Mediation at PENCCA has consisted of the methodological design of a weeklong conference for the community of the Association of Professionals and companies for the development of dance in Andalucía (PAD). The main objective was to introduce the participants to free culture and how it relates to processes of creation, work and management of feelings and care. Other aims included: developing critical and applied knowledge of cultural management for dance; constructively and proactively reflecting on the identity of PAD based on the revision of common objectives and the projected aspirations of each one of the participants; getting to know and practice different ways of communicating this identity in a process and in line with digital culture; reflecting on these discourses both internally (in the group) and externally (publically); and valuing, systematising, and giving visibility to immaterial care work in PAD.


The whole process is based in the design of participatory research-action methodologies and gamification to encourage collective creation and reflection. ZEMOS98 acted not as an expert, but as a guide to ask (or re-ask) questions of identity, communication, ways of working and forms of care that already exist or should exist in the context of PAD.  


ZEMOS98’s work has always tried to intervene between different agents to build spaces for creation and collective thinking. Despite the apparent homogeneity of the participants, the profiles and concerns of the approximately 30 people who participated were certainly very diverse: management, interpretation, choreography, classical and contemporary dance, etc. The experience entailed delving further into the practical (not only the theoretical) relationship between the bodies and concepts associated with community management (interdependence, vulnerability and mutual support).

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Graphic telling by Pablo Navarro.