NEMESIS is a European project which, over the course of three years, will develop and test an educational model for social change together with thirteen other partners from seven European countries.

A model that stimulates the critical senses of students, awakens their social conscience in the face of community problems and equips them with the necessary tools for trying to solve these problems. In other words, an educational model that empowers students to be engines of change. And that is precisely our motto: “empowering the changemakers of tomorrow”.


The proposal is constructed around three core ideas: emphasis on the social component of innovation, being rooted in your surroundings and the idea that knowledge begins with collaboration and collective intelligence. In fact, the cornerstone of the model is something that we have called the co-creation laboratory: a space where families, students, faculty and social entrepreneurs can connect as equals.

In order to develop our research, we are going to develop the same ideas of collaboration and co-creation that we advocate; i.e., combining the knowledge and experiences of each partner in order to create a pedagogical model on education for social innovation. We want this model to be easily replicable, flexible enough to be adapted to different contexts and perhaps be published in the form of a manual. A prototype. Instructions for how to hack the educational institution.


At ZEMOS98 we have always been pro-education. So much so that a few years ago we dedicated our eleventh festival to expanded education: the idea that education can happen anytime anywhere, through places, methodologies and processes at the margins of formal education that express other forms of knowledge. We have compiled these reflections in a book and their spirit has followed us in all of our work.

NEMESIS continues our work on expanded education. We have always thought that school was a perfect place for transforming reality using not only technology, but more importantly imagination, the commons and collective intelligence. NEMESIS is the opportunity to give it a try together with 13 other partners from seven European countries.

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