Training sessions: How to process a unicorn


Zaragoza city council celebrated the first training sessions about “How to process a unicorn” with the intention of having a dialogue between public administrations and cultural project managers. In 2019, we have celebrated the second training sessions of “How to process a unicorn” in Factoría Cultural as a commission by the city council of Sevilla. The sessions have been celebrated during May 2019, and they were composed of lectures, experiences presentations and working tables focused in two connected aspects: reclaiming cultural rights (mediation, access to citizens management of cultural public spaces) and the artistic hiring in the Law of Hirings for the Public Sector. 


Culture in Spain just can be understood in the relations produced between private actors (companies, collectives, artists, producers and persons working in culture in general) and public institutions, financing activities or producing public programmes. There have been different tendencies in the way the public and the private sector have been articulated in the last forty years in Spain. We identified two relevant aspects: the new legislation for contracting in the public sector in Spain. And the introduction of new ways of working with culture: public-private and public-common managements.


We designed the methodologies, the selection of persons to give a lecture and the production that facilitated that, during two days, more than 50 persons worked and learnt on cultural practices.

Resources and Networks

Lectures and interviews produced during the training sessions [Spanish]

Graphic telling made by Pablo Navarro (you can check the whole results here) [Spanish]

Poster by Ricardo Barquín Molero

Pictures: Cómo tramitar un unicornio, by Gema Valencia.









Participation, Social innovation