Film School, Youth and Human Rights


La Escuela de Cine, Jóvenes y Derechos Humanos (Film School, Youth and Human Rights) is a workshop coordinated by Compolíticas, ASAD (Asociación Solidaria Andaluza de Desarrollo) and ZEMOS98 to promote youth participation in building fairer and more equitable relationships that give rise to a new notion of civic belonging. Film has been used as an educational tool that allows us to learn about other realities, helps us to critically analyse the present from many angles (economy, society, culture, politics, gender, origin and ethnicity) as well as to reflect on and foster personal and collective change.


The objectives of the workshop have been to encourage young people to analyse their reality from many perspectives with a feminist, intercultural and human rights-oriented focus, as well as to learn how to direct documentaries that serve as educational tools for a critical analysis of society. The parts of the programme that involved ZEMOS98 were shared by documentary filmmaker Óscar Clemente.


This workshop has allowed us to create a space for critical reflection on the many aspects of active citizen participation using the characteristic audiovisual tools and narratives of documentary filmmaking. The programme is designed to enable an intersectional approach to ways of establishing more effective youth participation in society, including a feminist and decolonial view in our reflection.

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