Commonspoly is a free license board game that promotes cooperation among players, encouraging playful reflection on the commons, their limits and the possibilities of creating a better world. This game is an ideal tool to introduce commons theory and cooperativism with an educational approach—a great way to spend a rainy day!


Commonspoly is a board game that sets up a struggle between the Speculators (who want to privatise everything at all costs) and the rest of the players, whose objective is to deprivatise assets and fight against capitalist speculation. The game has four types of goods—environmental, urban, intangible or knowledge-based, and health- or care-related. The challenge? Cooperation is the only way to win! The game also includes other elements of fun and surprise. Order yours now at!


Commonspoly is a playful way to mediate many of the complex questions that have to do with changes in social paradigm, politics and culture in relation to the commons. It stands as an example of how to subvert the dominant narratives by correcting one small piece of history: Elizabeth Maggie, the original inventor of Monopoly, created her game to combat monopolistic practices, not to celebrate them. As soon as she sold her patent to Parker Brothers (at a loss), they turned it into the game that we know today.

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