Audiovisual documentation of Idea Camp


The audiovisual documentation of Idea Camp consisted in the production of videos recapping what happened at this international conference organised by the European Cultural Foundation in Botkyrka, a municipality located in the south of Stockholm County, Sweden. Fifty creators (artists, architects, communicators, cultural activists…) came together from all over Europe under the theme of ‘Build The City’ to try to analyse and discuss processes that posit the city as a laboratory bolstered by the principles and ethic of the commons, affecting not only its urban development but also the development of its communities and their economies.


Idea Camp was an opportunity to research and further develop the participants’ own ideas, exchange knowledge and find new collaborations, inspire and connect with other professionals from different sectors who are working with communities and culture, as well as explore and question new democratic alternatives. ZEMOS98 produced a series of videos about the event that can be found on ECF’s Youtube channel summarised for you here.


ZEMOS98 considers the documentation of social, political or cultural processes to be an essential part of its work as it relates to the production of replicable mechanisms or methodologies and the encouragement of participatory culture. This is done by giving narrative accounts of events where people meet and get involved in projects that have an impact on the common good or the creation of narratives that subvert dominant ways of thinking.

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