Hackcamp Expanded Education at fi2


Hackcamp Expanded Education was developed during fi2 (October 27-28, 2016), Innovación’s largest forum organised by Área Tenerife 2030 of the Council of Tenerife through the programme TF Innova and the Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Tenerife (PCTT). The forum featured five working tables: Creativity and Art, Digital Fabrication, Science, Gender and Digital Literacy.


This gathering has mainly been intended for educators, scientists, creators, entrepreneurs, hackers and researchers connected to educational innovation with a series of methodologies to guarantee the participation of whomever decides to embark on this experience. The specific profiles that are being sought out are: students of degrees linked to education, students of other pedagogical or educational disciplines, professionals in private or public education who are interested in the fields proposed by the tables and educational entrepreneurs.

This event was organised around participatory methodologies and the facilitation of 5 experts in the subjects coordinated by each of the working groups. These people were Susana Moliner, Óscar Martínez Ciuró, Antonio Lorca, Mariló Fernández and Felipe G. Gil. Sofía Coca coordinated Hackcamp for her team on behalf of ZEMOS98.


Expanded Education has always been a playing field for generating hybrid knowledge and transdisciplinary social and cultural exchanges. The current educational research trends that interest us speak about inclusive education and more democratic schools, the critically-minded introduction of technologies in the classroom, learning communities, working through emotions and spreading media literacy.

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