CreaTures – Creative Practices for Transformational Futures


CreaTures -Creative Practices for Transformational Futures- explores and produces artistic practices oriented towards environmental and social sustainability, highlighting participatory processes, spaces for reflection and collaborative production in the field of arts. Many creative practices have shown their capacity for social transformation, but they tend to be really contextual, usually badly archived and spread. CreaTures, by developing an Open Creative Practice Framework, proposes open access tools to focus efforts in a more effective way in the fields of arts, and at the same time it works on recommendations for policy makers about the importance of collaboration and collective intelligence. CreaTures is a network of eleven organisations working from the fields of academia, arts and activism throughout Europe. 


CreaTures develops pilot research related to different artistic and educational practices showing how collaboration and direct participation are crucial to guide public debate towards the importance of caring for the environment. Thus, CreaTures actions split in three different areas:

  • Observatory, to identify and to map local creative practices with potential to activate a public sphere debate about the importance of social, cultural and environmental sustainability. 
  • Laboratory, it produces Experimental Productions (ExPs) with different sizes to explore the mobilizing capacity of collaboration in art.
  • Evaluación, where to connect different creative practices to produce knowledge exchange spaces and potential for systemic change.

CreaTures is coordinated by Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (FI) and funded by a Research and Innovation Horizon2020 grant.


CreaTures is a space for reflection and improvement of two tools developed by ZEMOS98 operating in the intersection between social transformation and playfulness. On the one hand, the Commonspoly board game will be a tool to kickstart debates about cooperation between different social actors and to reflect about the different models of property associated to different kind of goods. On the other hand, the Hackcamp as a format of methodological event oriented towards the production of content exploring the intersectional spaces of fields as sociology, political science, arts, design or environmental activism. CreaTures is, besides all of this, a good opportunity to learn in a peer to peer way from organisations such as Furtherfield (UK), Hellon (Fi), Kersnikova (Si) o Superflux (UK), among others.

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