Collaborative Economy. A web documentary on deserted islands and financial shipwrecks


Economía Colaborativa. Un docuweb sobre islas desiertas y naufragios financieros (Collaborative Economy. A web documentary on deserted islands and financial shipwrecks) is a web doc created by ZEMOS98 for the International University of Andalucía that reflects on the limits and possibilities of collaborative economy as a tool for social transformation. It is part of a research project on the state of the collaborative economy in Andalusia, carried out by UNIA and coordinated by Taraceas S. Coop Andalucía in 2014.


Faced with the boom of companies like Uber, Airbnb and other unregulated digital platforms that sustain themselves on models of worker exploitation, this web documentary reflects on the possibility of collaborative economic models that provide sustainable alternatives in terms of workforce, economy and environment. The documentary starts from the understanding that in reality every economy is collaborative, but the fantasy of individuality has made us believe that success depends solely and exclusively on individual effort. As it develops, it delves into relevant ideas, concepts and practices that allow us to imagine fairer and more equitable ways of connecting with each other. The web doc was created by ZEMOS98 together with Óscar Clemente, Esperanza Covarsí and Berto Yáñez.


This webdoc was an audiovisual experiment produced in the moment of effervescence of the collaborative economy concept and those practices associated to it. Many of its meanings were still open, those companies inviting users to share while concentrating power were still not so relevant as today.

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